There is no fear, no sickness, no pain, no indecision.  All is right and love is the only force anyone knows, because love is all that is.  There are no imperfections, no bad habits, no negativity. All is good. There is joy and contentment – only joy and contentment. We will be fulfilled. We will be doing what we were created to do, in the form that best suits our immortality.  Because, there, we will be immortal. This will not be the end of our journey, but only the beginning – the real beginning.

We will see those we love, those who are part of our chain of connection.  We will dance in the air with no restraints. We will know who we truly are. There will be no hiding, nothing to hide from. It will be Wonderful!

Some call it Heaven. Labels don’t matter. We are all going there, and we will continue on from there to places we can’t even imagine. There will be no end. We will be forever.

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