The Adirondack Center for Writing has been bringing our Poetry Machine to locations around the North Country since February 2023, and we don’t plan on stopping. The machine has distributed hundreds of free poems (971, to be exact) to readers of all ages, through our collaborations with various host sites.

“It was truly enjoyable to watch the people experience it,” said Good Ol’ Wishy’s owner Charlotte Schweitzer. “Language and writing is so important and seems to be getting a bit lost.” Check out some of the spots where we were serving up poems this spring and summer!

1. Chef Darrell’s Mountain Diner

February 2023, Blue Mountain Lake, NY


2. Indian Lake Theater

March 2023, Indian Lake, NY

A person gets a capsule out of a gumball machine


3. J.F. Farm Store & Cafe

April 2023, Northville, NY

A smiling person holds a poem inside JF Farm Store


4. Old Forge Hardware

May 2023, Old Forge, NY

ACW poetry machine standing in the book section of Old Forge Hardware


5. Good Ol’ Wishy’s Ice Cream Shop

June 2023, Croghan, NY

A person gets a poem out of the ACW poetry machine at Good Ol' Wishy's in Croghan


6. Otto’s Abode

July 2023, Wanakena, NY


What’s inside?

Inside the Poetry Machine are 10 different types of poems, including haiku, cento, epistolary, list, ode, ekphrasis, prose poem, how-to, erasure, and cut-up. We’re excited to feature work by the following writers:

Where will the machine go next?

For the month of August, ACW’s Poetry Machine will be located in the lobby of the Franklin County Office in Malone. It will continue to move to locations around the North Country until taking a short break for the winter, and will be on the road again next spring. Interested in hosting the Poetry Machine in your community? Fill out this form and let us know! We are always on the lookout for new North Country location suggestions.

We’re also starting to bring the Poetry Machine to arts centers and organizations throughout the North Country region, along with writing workshop programs. If this intrigues you, please get in touch and we will send you an outline of the workshops that our Visiting Writer can lead in your space.

About the project:

Learn more about the Poetry Machine in our Mountain Lake PB special and conversation with NCPR’s Todd Moe! The ACW Poetry Machines were made possible through support from CRNY’s Artist Employment Program in collaboration with Visiting Writer Erin Dorney.Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY), a project of the Tides Center, is a three-year, $125 million investment in the financial stability of New York State artists and the organizations that employ them.

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