“Every spring in the North County, the April showers cause a variety of poems to flood into the Adirondack Center for Writing, and the deluge creates Poem Village.” — Your neighbors are poets. Maybe you are too! by Mountain Lake PBS Spotlight

Since 2016, ACW has invited writers of all ages, experience levels, and locations within the North Country to send poems to be published and installed in windows in Saranac Lake during National Poetry Month.

Poem Village is an annual, village-wide beautification project that gives writers a chance to publish their work and reach audiences of passersby, visitors, and Saranac Lake locals.

Submissions will open for Poem Village 2024 in January. Poems will be published and hung in storefront windows in Saranac Lake in mid-April. They will remain up until mid-May. Poems will also be published digitally here, on our website.


  • You must live at least part time in the North Country
  • Your poem must not be longer than 25 lines or 300 words (whichever comes first)
  • Your poem must be your original work

Thanks to the 170 North Country poets who sent their work for Poem Village 2023! Read our re-cap of Poem Village 2023 here. 

Poets featured: Mary Perrin Scott, Duane L. Herrmann, Monica Tojek, Leslie Sittner, Myah Germano, Diamond Gonyea, Aryannah Jenkins, Logan LaFleur, Caroline Ngyuen, Madison Planty, Maggie Sullivan, John Murphy, Tyler Barton, Abby Sassman, Joan Emily Jensen, Laura Cordts, Rachel Baum, William Blackburn, David Walsh

Poets featured: Maureen Roberts, Carolyn Walton, Patience Whitman, Joseph Bruchac, Jill Crammond, Donald Duffy, Anne Racette, Doc Sheehan, Laurinda Lind, Jeremy Homesley, Rick Henry, Dallas Ames, Lucy Dearborn, Madison, John Foster, Ezra Gilette, Matthew Kirkby, Maya Lynch, Connor McQuinn,

Poets featured: Lily Nashett, Ethan Perry, Cali Quinn, Eve Rabideau, Adil Radoncic, Natalee Relyea, Kiya Snyder, Lucas Stark, Charlotte Edenfield, Jerome McGovern, Gregory Wait, Katharine Glenn, Ell Van Duesen, Jack Carney, Diane Cuff-Carney, Jay Rogoff, Jeshua Wilkinson, Mary Shartle, Margot Jacoby, Allison Snyder, Yvona Fast, Jacob Slagel, Iyamiyeg Jimenez, Kristen Starheim, Susan Jefts, Uma Naima Laguna-Curtis, Anabelle Snyder, James Martin

Poets featured: Nate Benjamin, Kenny Guchinsky, Isabella Boehm, Robin Evans, Ashley DeMar, Carrie Conrad, Dick Monroe, Hamish Riddell, Herb Pace, Yosef Spear, Anonymous, Jamie McAloon, Joseph Larabie, Ginseng McKay-Tisbert, Neal Burdick, Eric Mondschein, Caperton Tissot, Janet Burl, Charlotte Hall, Roger Kessel, Jean Lavin, Nancy Gordon, Chloe Winchester, Jay Locke, Amy Cheyney-Seymour, Carol Graser, Aniella Day, Helen Vanderbaugh, Kathleen Herold, Thomas Brennan

Poets featured: Ivan Favreau, Robin Marks, Sue Repko, Liz Defonce, Linda Weal, Ev Larsen, Phil Fitzpatrick, Parker Borden, Serena Stevens, Lynn Hidy, Karyn Crispo, Aston Ferrillo, Branka Nirenberg, William Blackburn, Debra Monteith, Deanna Saliba, Anna Forsman, Amelia Ambrosino, Anonymous, Vanessa Cicarelli, Lily Gorgas, Nancie Battaglia, Carl Rubino, Hannah Blue, Alice Wolf Gilborn, Liz Strut, Cecily Bailey, Rosemary Herbert, Barbara Briggs Ward, Adrienne Caudill

Poets featured: Aubrey Slaterpryce, Donald Maness, Tayanna Hall, Roger Mitchell, Doc Holliday, Barbara Ungar, Michelle Beagle, Sally Rhoades, Samara Landau, Taika Mzese, Noel Carmichael, Elliot Carrick, Lorraine Caramanna, Aurora Pfaff, Laura Hull, Glenn Burnett, Jackie Beattie, Darlynn Bates, Steve Smith, Monica Mzese, Susan Wells, Kathleen Rehl, Margaret Napper, Karen Boldis, Wyatt Burth, Aureya LaComb, Liesl Jean Haney, Bryce Stevens, Bella Webb-Brown, Jackson C. Williams, Brook VanBuskirk, Peyton Smith, Camden Damour, Mason Wilcox, Elliott Ziemann, Ariel Kalilec, Lucas Bosquet-Whitney, Isaac Evans, Karleigh Moody

Poem Village 2022

In 2022, ACW hung nearly 300 poems in 60 windows of local businesses and organizations. Special thanks to our sponsors: Adirondack Health, ArtyLadyMsD, Spencer Boatworks, SL Book Nook, Geomatics Land Surveying, Play ADK, and Tell Media.

Poem Village 2021

Check out almost 100 poems from 2021.