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Steve Stern’s Two people hook up in a bar. They go back to one or the other’s apartment and fall into bed. In the morning, having experienced the most intense act of physical intimacy known to mortals, they wake up to realize that they are still complete strangers. Write a dialogue detailing their efforts (successful or not) to make some human connection. 🎯 Creative Writing Responses

Black Satin Sheets

by Lorraine Caramanna


by Ruth Ann Dandrea

The Pig Farmer in the city

by Linda Freedland


by Paul Lamar

The adventures of corona & virus

by Mary Perrin Scott

book lust

by Terry Rainey

Baylee Annis’s Write a letter to someone or something nearby about the first time you met. You could write to your neighbor, to the house you live in, to your favorite bank teller, the path where you walk your dog, to the North Country region, or any other person/place you have affection for. 🏡 Creative Writing Responses

Destined to be

by Lorraine Caramanna

To My Granddaughter

by Ruth Ann Dandrea

The Holy Dip

by Karen Davidson Seward

Dear house

by Linda Elovitz Marshall

Cumberland Head Straits

by Jennifer Giambruno Gordon

All That different?

by William Gilbert

dear casa blanca

by Judyann Grant

Dear brand-new home

by Mary Perrin Scott

Lake Letter

by Edward Pontacoloni

Dear mary

by Nicholas Quarrier

dear loon in the distance

by Terry Rainey

Dear pepper

by Erica Jean Schwabach

Love from afar

by Hannah T. Williams

Joseph Bruchac’s prompt It’s your turn to inhale some inspiration. It might be a balsam pillow, an old baseball cap, a box of candy—whatever you have handy that has a strong enough scent to stimulate that olfactory cortex in the temporal lobe of your brain. Breathe in and write on. 🌾 Creative Writing Responses

Salt Water

by Courtney Allen

Soaps of the sixties

by Karen Bjornland

The scent of patchouli

by Kimberly Bouchard

Breath of Life

by Ruth Dandrea

Eau de mom

by Karen Davidson Seward

Common Scents

by Kernan Davis


by Kathy DeLong


by Judyann Grant

An Odiferous Story

by June Hannay Kozier

What the Girls will remember

by Phyllis S. Hillinger

pipe tobacco

by Betsy Kepes

76 Broad Street

by Paul Lamar


by Ron Lavalette


by Mary Perrin Scott


by Edward Pontacoloni

A Fish out of water

by Weezie Prescott

Ash wednesday

by Terry Rainey


by Eleanor Sweeney

Trout smells

by Tom Van de Water

molasses cookies

by Susan Whiteman

Jon Sands’ prompt I’ve been thinking a lot about the poem “Crazy Bunch Barbecue at Jefferson Park” by Willie Perdomo, from his book Smoking Lovely. In the vein of that piece, I want you to write a piece that begins with one of your favorite memories from one of your favorite places, paying special attention to the five senses. Then at some point in the piece, there should be a dedication to a person who wasn’t physically there. 🌱 Creative Writing Responses

Magic of the evening

by Janet Burl

River of Blood

by Ruth Dandrea

The Souls of a Barn

by Linda Elovitz Marshall


by Lisa Meissner

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

by Rebecca Northrup

Mother’s Day

by Annette Pisano-Higley


by Terry Rainey

Chosen option

by Sparker

A Perfect Day

by Eleanor Sweeney

Sue Halpern’s prompt It’s nine years after you were the officiant at a wedding for a couple you did not think should be together. Write that story. 🕯 Creative Writing Responses

Satin and Lace

by Ruth Ann Dandrea

Nine Years Later

by Kathy DeLong

Nine Minutes

by Phil Gallos

The Bowling Widow

by Ed Pontacoloni


by Weezie Prescott

The Voodoo Wedding

by Cindy Snow

Mahogany L. Browne’s prompt I love you but can’t see you right now. 🌹 Use this as your first or last line of the poem: include 3 metaphors, 3 similes supporting the metaphor & 2 instances of dialogue & one COVID19 fact Creative Writing Responses


by Ruth Ann Dandrea

To my sister 04/21/20

by Amaryllis Doyle

I love you Aunt Ellen

by Judyann Grant


by Annette Pisano-Higley

It’s too dark

by Edward Pontacoloni


by Weezie Prescott

Bill McKibben’s prompt The first few flakes of snow in the air on an autumn day… Creative Writing Responses

A Haiku

by Nancie Battaglia


by Kimberley Bouchard


by Janet S. Burl


by Bobbie Carnwath


by Ruth Ann Dandrea

A Certain Breed

by J Dan Francis


by Lee Keet

First Snowflakes in Autumn-Early 70’s

by Gary Lee


by Annette Pisano-Higley


by Leslie Sittner

Julia Alvarez’s prompt write one haiku every day in April in honor of National Poetry Month Creative Writing Responses

Eleven Haiku

by Ruth Ann Dandrea


by Doug Deneen

April Haiku

by Susan Jefts

Haiku from home

by Mila Lonetto

Daily Haiku

by Leslie Sittner

Betsy Folwell’s prompt Salt in the sugar bowl? Short-sheeting your brother’s bed? What happens when an April Fool’s joke goes terribly wrong. Creative Writing Responses

Double Reverse

by Ruth Ann Dandrea

April fool

by Kathy DeLong

A Very Smelly April Fool’s Prank

by William Gilbert

April fools day…a long time ago

by James Howard

Take Salt, Take sugar

by Susan Jefts

Sole Survivor

by Rob Sprogell

Prompt: How to turn a spider into your ally Creative Writing Responses


by Ruth Ann Dandrea

Delia and Heywood

by Betsy Folwell

Barking dogs and jumping spiders

by Judyann Grant

A Spider’s Love

by  William Gilbert


by Jordan Magurk

The Life of a Dead Spider

by Beckie O’Neill

How to make a spider your ally

by M. A. Phillips

All Those Legs

by Leslie Sittner

“Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly – they’ll go through anything.” –Aldous HuxleyBrave New World

You might be at home, but you are not alone.

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