I was working on the farm. It was a hot summer day. My clothes stuck to my body with sweat. Because there was no source of water there, the creek had gone dry, and I had plants I wanted to live, I had taken water in one-gallon jugs. This water was precious. Not only had I had to save and clean the jugs, but filled them, hauled them in my truck, then carried them a quarter of a mile, part of that distance up a hill, to the baby plants. It could not be wasted. This would have been easier if there was road access, but there was not.

This day, I don't know why, but I was so hot, I upended a half-empty jug of water over my head. Though the water was warm, it was so much cooler than I was, it felt shockingly cold. I gasped in surprise. It felt SO COLD! This was almost a waste of water – but it felt SO GOOD!!!

The plants lived – and so did I.

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