The prompt inspiring this story is to describe a setting not many others know about as if it were a world unto itself. But, I’m going to step outside of the box a bit here and give my perspective on a place we all have experiences with. A school campus.

When you walk onto school property, it’s like another world. No matter the situation at home, things are completely different when you get to school. Let me emphasize this by giving you a summary of a typical school day for me.

First, I have science – one of my favorite subjects. I get there early, as do the majority of my peers, and we chat. We draw on the chalkboard, listen to music, and start the day.

My next class is in the woodshop, where we are able to be creative. No matter what grade you’re in, you can talk about your interests as they are expressed in what you’re making.

Third, I have English, a class I clearly enjoy. People are quieter, but we have time to read, something busy teens like ourselves don’t often do at home.

Lunchtime is great, whether it’s a sunny day to run around outside or a cozy day to find a spot in the library.

Next for me is math, the class where the teacher has to be the most patient as the students are less so.

History is always a fun period, you can never run out of history jokes. Don’t believe me? Ok, what kind of music do pilgrims listen to? Plymouth Rock!

Gym class is great for those of us who are more active, and another time to hang out and play games with people in different grade levels.

The last period of the day is in the language wing, with the Spanish and French classrooms. The best part is always getting to hear stories from different cultures.

When school is out, it’s an activity period, a time to catch up on homework, grab a snack, and be with your friends.

When you leave school, you’re re-entering a different world. Whether it’s going to work downtown, dealing with siblings, going home to make dinner or any other number of scenarios; no matter what life is like at your house or at school, every day is like entering another world. And while some complain about going to school, I think it’s pretty cool that we as young people have a place like this.

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