Late this winter I was awakened at 5am and opened the curtains to survey the damage wrought by the previous night’s windstorm, the most astonishing storm I have ever witnessed.  My favorite bird, a crow, got me out of bed and I went walking.  Like many of us, I tried once more to shake loose the torpor of the human world.

I have been studying crows.  This smart, wonderful, shining, beautiful bird I have come to know gives meaning to our lives and we find we are not as impoverished as we’ve been told.   I have witnessed our shared ingenuity and bondedness with the rest of creation.

At my desk, I see the crow who perches almost daily on the electrical wire just beyond my window. So, I say a little prayer to the crow “If the world is night, shine my life like a light”.

After all, there are always crows.  Follow them home


Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt was the inspiration for this writing. 

3 thoughts on “Something to Crow About by Nancy Kimball

  1. Interesting subject. I would like to know what book you took these words from per the prompt.
    Do you know what a flock of crows is called?

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