No sign of recognition or love, two gentlemen tried to lift him up, but he was quite helpless. This time, no hope for him- third stroke- wide awake and laughing to himself. Joe Dillon introduced us. In my heart I had always despised him, a ferocious creature driven by vanity. My eyes burned with anguish and anger.
“I’ll say a Hail Mary.”
“You did the proper thing.”
I was penitent.

A memory of August summer: a small gold coin. Evening came, mild warm air circulated. Lily remembered she was waiting for Mrs. Mooney’s daughter.

“Daybreak Gentlemen, Godspeed.” A voice called out. It was quiet except at the hour the cars came scudding.
Poised upon his umbrella at the North Wall, remorse started to his eyes.
There was no time like long ago and no music. His eyes filled up with tears. His soul swooned. He could not find what he was looking for. He wished to live as far as possible from the derided pretentious city which he was a citizen.

Old Jack raked the cinders with a piece of cardboard and spread them over the whitening coals. He heard snow falling faintly through the universe like the descent of their last end. In the darkness, walking up and down for nearly a month with his hands full of dirty pieces of paper, he felt he was alone. “ I will set right my accounts.”

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  1. Terry- used James Joyce Dubliners- took the sentences & mixed them up-
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