Thump thump, thumpty thump,
Slow and steady, no need to jump.
That’s my heart when all is well.
Soothing music In my heart dwells

Thump… thump…. thump, thump, thump,
Beating wildly like a rhythmic drum.
Love is knocking at my door,
If I don’t answer, then….Nevermore?

Should I go, or should I stay?
Must I listen to what mama says?
Is it true or just fear talking?
Just listen to the thumping.

The heart it beats because it knows,
How you feel, which way to go.
Listen to your heart, the rhythm tells.
No room for doubt, follow the spell.

Regrets Can still the beating  heart,
A love is lost and we fall apart.
Memories linger on and on,
But the true heart is long gone.


THE DAY I LOST MY HEARTBy: Lourdes Santiago

The day I lost my heart, well I didn’t really lose it.  It didn’t go anywhere, but I was not listening to it. Other emotions interfered with the message that my heart was sending. 
Fear of what is around the bend can render you paralyzed. You know those cartoons of good conscience, bad conscience? That was my mom. Since I’ve known her she was always afraid of “what might happen.” So, she was always quick to paint a negative picture of any decision I might make that she was not happy with. Most of the time I went behind her back and told her things I did after the fact but this time it was more involved than driving from one borough to the next for the first time, or walking out onto a landform that will disappear at high tide.That one was a very poor choice since I was a mediocre swimmer. Of course none of these escapades had to do with decisions of the heart. They were “Don’t tell mom.” adventures.

This Time it was a choice of heart vs mom and what I chose would change my life forever. On one hand, my heart said you love him. He is the father of your child. Go to him. But the heart was overshadowed by my moms constant insertion of the unknown. She was like a bug in my ear buzzing.buzzing, buzzing.

“It’s too far and you don’t know those people.”

“They could be planning to steal the baby.”

“If he hasn’t come for you it’s because he doesn’t love you.”

“We have no family anywhere near there to watch over you.”

Yep, mom always had a way of making me doubt the heart and so, I didn’t go. The heart was sad and so was the rest of me. I would later wonder  what my life would  be like if I had listened to my heart. It’s all about “what if?” You go down one road and never really know what could have been. 

On the whole, my life turned out pretty good, two children, four grandchildren. My  family is smaller and my mom and dad are gone but life has been satisfactory. It was not a mistake to listen to my mom, it was just a way to go. There are times when I regret not listening to my heart only because I wonder what it would be like to have someone to grow old and share my life with. 

I lost the love of my life and he took part of my heart with him but I gained six blessings that helped to keep my love heart thumping.

In the end, we all make choices of the heart and it’s like a throw of the dice, It could be 7 or 11 you win or craps you lose. Life is like that too whether you go by your heart, instinct, or your mom.

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