It wasn’t her fault really, she was just the messenger.
Can’t shoot the messenger.
She didn’t think it was a lie.

‘Don’t get your hopes up’ she’d tell me with a strong undertone of skepticism. In most significant life situations, that warning would come. Prepare for the worst-case scenario. Don’t let your heart get so excited. You are going to be let down.

So I would prepare myself. I’d guard. I’d get my hopes DOWN. If there is no hope, then there is nothing to lose when it doesn’t work out. Do you know…? When you prepare yourself like that, that outcome is exactly what finds its way to you.

If I had gotten my hopes up, a more hopeful experience would gravitate into my experience.

Now, 30 years or more down the road, a card falls out of the deck. It reads ‘hope is the conduit for all miracles’

Who knew? 

But it’s not necessarily hoping that a certain outcome will come to fruition… it’s just having hope, faith – if you will, in what finds you.

Now, I try to live by the mantra ‘this or something better’

And then I hope that that shows itself to me. 

It always does.

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