It was dark in the car. I can’t see. Then, a soft hand felt for mine. I don’t see his eyes but I know they are blue. A deep, sea blue. And now I feel they look at me. His lips find mine. I sigh. Deep and long. I hear his sigh as well. Now, more than a sigh. From his core, from his soul.

I feel for his face. I find a tear. I move down his face to find his chin. The hair on his chin is so soft. Baby soft. Fine, but not dark. Not like mine. My mane of wild corn silk.

I rise to open up the moon roof. I need some air. The wind is on the move and I can hear the moos of the cows that are near to us. I look up. The sky is so dark. Not one star can I see.

Lit by the moon, the car is not as dark and I feel calm once more. The fear is gone and his hand is back on mine.

We are both here, the two of us. I am all he’ll ever need and he is all I need. For now.

4 thoughts on “It Was Dark in the Car by Linda Freedland

  1. This piece is so very good! Excellent with the four letter rule. Wow, I’m in awe. I was going to tackle the same first line, but I think I’ll switch.

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