The rain came down like … cold, wet Hell in the dark – hard – a fast drum beat on the car roof!
Too fast.
Too much.
I do not dare open the car door and run ten feet home.
She and I just sit and talk.
Soft talk.
A white flash in the black sky!
BOOM! Boom, echo, boom, boom.
More rain: then the car does a jump and so do we.
My big teen son hops hard on the car, with a sly grin.
Oh, that kid – out in this rain!
“Open the door, Dad!”
“No way! It’s too wet!”
He goes to turn on the deck lamp, slams the door.
She and I sit and chat some more.

The rain lets up none too soon, and we go in.
He has made soup.

That good boy made nice hot soup for us, even if it is just from a can.

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  1. Therese is right: A really fine story , but…5 words over the limit. No biggie. The Poet Police will NOT arrest you. (There might be a fine, though…)

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