Again and again it goes around… grinding, scraping, scratching, catching. The toothed gear in my mind is sticking, oh, it’s even hurting now. Oh, ow, it’s like nails on my inner chalkboard. I didn’t know I could feel my brain. Come on. One more rotation of the wheel, one more rotation of the wheel. No. It’s stuck. Let me get in there. Urgh. Ooof. Woah. There’s a lot of soil in here. It’s really holding the gear. Oh man. It’s even ground the teeth down a bit. That’s a shame. Well, no wonder I’m having trouble. I need to, like, shoot a fire hose in here and clean this out. How do you shoot water into your brain? Gosh. If I could get one more rotation of the wheel out, maybe I could push off this dirt clogging up the works. I could launch myself like a firework. I’d be able to take on any challenge. But the challenge here is inside my own mind and I can’t use this gummed up mind to solve itself. I’m so alone in here. Let me just muscle it. Let me pull really hard and see if I can free the gear from what’s holding it. Damn. I should go steal some other brain. Chop this one up and push it out my ear canal and invent a shrink-ray that will put a fresh, clean brain in through the other ear, and then invent a grow-ray to balloon it up to full size. Hah. I should electrocute this brain and nanowire up to someone else’s. Yeah. I should go interview an elephant’s brain, or a whale’s brain, or all the interconnected ganglia of a cephalopod: “Tell me the secrets of your calcium channels.” I should go scuba diving without a mask and use the water pressure to neti pot my neurons. Hunh? Where’s the dirt going? It’s being carried away by those rolling, rushing lymphocytes! Oh my gosh. Is this what I always needed? Is this the answer, inside me all the time? Unleashed flow, fluidity, fusion of the flavors of the freed feelings. Imagination and the imperturbable innovation of the inventive individual. New choice! Mmmm… yessss… Again and again it goes around!

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