Again and again it goes
The tide comes in, the tide goes out
What is life if we never see low tide?
Magical beauty lies beneath the tide
Baby crabs scurrying to find
a bit of water left behind
Clams squirting up while sinking low
the mud once soil when left behind

The shoreline unchanged morning
to night. Tide comes in and goes out
The moon pulls from far above
The sun beats down upon the earth
giving light to the life below
the water’s edge; in, out, in, out
Mother Earth watches and wonders
is there any way to launch recovery?

She watches her creation scorch and flood
Who is to blame? Human- kind is to blame
Reckless and undeserving are we
As any mother, Mother Earth wants to protect
the beauty that she watches over
Her earth has been raped by humanity
Pollution, disrespect, compassionless we stand
as her precious beauty is slowly stolen
away from her bosom

Can we repent and seek reconciliation
with Mother Earth? Can the beauty
be salvaged and restored?
As any mother, she will always leave
the door open for humanity to
offer to clean up its mess

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