Again and again it goes “Squeak! Squeak!” The bilby is bouncing happily. The bilby is happy because she has found springy soil to bounce on. The bilby is launching off the soil and falling back down. The bilby has friends who bounce with her.

Someone steals the bilby! “I will always keep you in my collection,” says the Man who steals the bilby. The Man puts the bilby in a dark, gray cage…

The bilby’s friends go to find the bilby. They look over the hill of red, springy soil but all they can see is soft, green grass. They bounce through the soft, green grass until they come to a brown, prickly bush. They carefully step through the brown, prickly bush. They can see the Man sailing away with the bilby in a cage.

The bilby’s friends jump into the bright green water. They quickly swim through the bright green water. They bilby’s friends swim to the dark, gray boat. They scramble up the side of the dark, gray boat and bite the Man and steal the cage and free their friend.

Again and again she goes, “Hooray! Hooray!” The bilby is happy because she is free once more.

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