gnarly digits at
arthritic crooked angles
old woman’s fingers

some call them freckles
nestled among raised blue veins
these days they’re age spots

brittle nails, dry palms
still push, pull, pat, carry, hold
hands tell our histories

faded bunion scars
crusty heels, corns, calluses
pedicure too late

balance an issue
is it my feet legs or brain?
maybe more yoga

high arches, strong bones
still walk, hike, climb, garden, stand
feet show our struggles

weapons grade features
trigger fingers, hammer toes
but a life well-lived

4 thoughts on “Hands & Feet by Leslie Sittner

  1. You’ve mastered the form drawing wonderful visual images through carefully chosen language to tell your story. Every word moves it along.
    I wonder if the last line of the last poem read “still a life well-lived” would read

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