I stopped at the farmers’ market
and meandered through stalls,
above my mask
on vegetables,
baked goods,
not on the time.

I purchased an apple tart,
sat on a bench in the sun,
set my mouth free to
savor cinnamon spice on my tongue,
people watched from a social distance,
allowed time to float away.

I wandered to the winery display,
sipped samples of sensuous wine –
red to white
dry to sweet –
smiled more, spilled words,
laughed out loud with the man behind the mask who poured
a little of his heart into the
the plastic cup
to mingle with mine.

Yesterday at the market
in a grape glow of glee,
I purchased vegetables,
flowers, baked goods,
wine – dry and sweet –
until my arms overflowed
and time stood still
in a conscience act of joy.

One thought on “Grape Glow of Glee by Lorraine Caramanna

  1. Charming phrases – set my mouth free; a little if his heart to mingle with mine; just wonderful. Did you mean conscience or conscious at the close?

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