Wilber loved the deep blue sea. When he swam atop the surface he would roll,
play and then dive deep to the depths of the large bay. Wilber loved to swim in
the waters of Maine and Nova Scotia, and to the East Antilles Islands and the
eastern Virgin Islands.

Wilber’s eye’s were the size of giant truck tires and when he jumped, he would
look deep into the blue skies above and wonder what was out there. At night he
would look up at the moon and wonder if there was an ocean to swim in there.
The moonlight made him dream.

When he swam and jumped high above the waters he would spin, fly and land
with a splash and joyfulness. Wilber was a forty-two-foot thirty-six-ton humpback
whale. As he would swim and slide in the ocean, he sang the most beautiful
tunes and songs. Angelic songs of nature.

It was late June off the southern coast of Nova Scotia when he noticed the
whirlpool. He loved the little whirlpools as they massaged his huge girth with the
current and bubbles. This time it was different. Something was amiss…

Wilber blew his flute and took in a deep breathe of fresh sea air and dove deep.
This dive was unlike any other. This was a strange dive and a strange feeling.
And everything went to darkness. Then the water went still, and a glow appeared,
but it was not the sun.

Wilber was being lifted onto a large platform, he was bewildered and confused.
Whales might be the smartest species on the planted. Definitely smarter than
humans. What the hell was going on thought Wilber.

He was being lifted out of the water and into some strange pool rising above the
seas. Was he dreaming? Going to whale heaven?

Then he saw the blue and red lights and the little beings scampering about. Three
eyed creators the size of a dolphin. Little four fingered hands. What was going
on? Where was he?

He heard one of the beings sing a song in his language, a slow singing. “We
welcome you. What is your name?”

Wilber sang back, “Wilbur the Whale.”

Wilber continued singing, “Where am I, who are you?”

The five strange beings all sort of laughed. At least that is what Wilber thought.
“You are on our ship above the planet earth. We are from Velcrovia, from
beyond the Milky Way”, the leader of the delegation sang. “We welcome you,

The giant male whale grew nervous and uncertain as to his being captured and
transported to their ship. Whaling on the planet earth was basically outlawed,
but these beings were not human and not of his world.

The singing between Wilber and the Velcrovian’s continued until Wilber had
learned about them some and their intentions. They wanted whales on their
planet simply because they were cute, and whales are the kings of the seas. They
had no kings in their seas.

Wilber had to come up with a plan to get back in his ocean, his cove, his world.
Time to out smart the smart ones, Wilber thought.

“Give me three reasons why I should go with you?” Wilber sang. The leader
replied, “we need a whale, we want to bring your grace in the ocean to ours. And
your planet has lot of whales?”

Bingo, Bongo Wilber thought inside his brain.

Wilber would rely on his intelligence and un-waivered spirit for self-preservation
to overcome this kidnapping and get back home.

He sang a song with a story… “Well, I am a sperm whale, one of only two on the
planet. I am the Atlantic sperm whale, and my brother Angus is the Pacific sperm
whale. We are responsible for mating with all the female whales in our respective
oceans so that our species can thrive and contribute to the planets well-being.
Number two. I eat krill. And I am sure you don’t have krill for me to dine on and
stay healthy. Number three whales belch and pass gases that normally are
sequestered in the ocean. We stink to the high heavens.”

He let out a blech and then farted. The beings were overtaken by the terrible
smell, and the utter stench of the whale fart. In a flash, he was home.

Copyright The Sustainable Press 7/21/2022

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