You want to send me back to Earth? No! No!! NO!!! 

At least not to that place or time where I came from. If you can take me through space, you can also take me through time. I will only go five hundred years to the future of where you found me. In my time social and technological improvements were happening at great speed and many people resisted or openly fought them. The chaos and confusion was unimaginable.

Too many people in my time refused to acknowledge that the human race was one race and each person should be able to develop their interests and abilities and function as fully as they want to, men and women!

I don't want to live, again, in a time when children suffer. There is NO reason for children to suffer, to go hungry, to become sick and not be cured, to have to work, or be enslaved. I could not stop it then and that was agony. I'm sure such cruelty will be stopt, I want to return after that is accomplished.

I don't want to live when any nation, or any population, thinks it's special or in some way better, superior, or privileged over another. All nations, all populations will learn to share the Earth and its resources equally and equitably. It will happen. I don't want to witness the disasters that are inevitable, and had begun, when some fought for supremacy over others. That is such a tragic, stupid waste of time, energy and precious resources. And, lives! What a waste of lives!!

I don't want to go back to the international chaos when nations were not united into a federal system, the only way for nations to function together. And, nations have to cooperate together, they're all on the same planet. The strife in my time, the illusion of “independence,” was destroying the globe. I don't want to live through any more of that destruction. The extinction of species had already begun. The poisoning of the oceans had already begun. The damage to the latter could have been reversed, but not enough nations were willing to work together. The consumption of irreplaceable resources was so far advanced that the balance will take centuries to restore. The hundreds of kinds of extinct animals can never be brought back.

I don't want to go back to a time, or place, where people are paid to lie, and don't mind lying, to increase the problems for everyone just for the financial benefit of some corporations!. How unconscionable!!! There is no “right to lie.”

Neither is there any right to kill – anyone. Guns freely in the streets don't make anyone safer, they just increase the opportunity to kill. How opposite of true human nature that is! Human nature is to love, nurture, and care for others, not to kill. People know that in their hearts, but with money as the highest value, real human values are diminished and, finally, perverted and ignored.

I'm only willing to go forward to the time when people realize that, “the Earth is one country, and all mankind its citizens.” And that, “every child is potentially the light of the world,” so they should be nurtured in the love of God so they can, “radiate light, grow in spirituality, be filled with wisdom and learning, and take on the characteristics of the angelic host.” And, when people know that, “God has created the man and the woman equal.” And, when all people finally realize that, “they are the waves of one sea, the drops of one river, the stars of one heaven, the rays of one sun, the trees of one orchard, the flowers of one garden,” because skin color doesn't matter.

That's the Earth time I'm willing to go to. Until then, I'm content to stay right here with you. I don't mind your twenty tentacles, your purple feathered fur, your growls and snorts, nor that you eat raw squiggles. And, I won't even mention the smells. At least you all treat each other kindly. That's better than the human times I know.

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