Hank snaps his fingers
calling his muse to appear
Pooffin shows herself

O-O-O-O-O, what’s the project?
she floats above his old desk
Hank says, “missing dog”

they want their dog found
did she run off? is she dead?
did someone take her?

Pooffin wants to know
Sweet Lips is young, small

name? Sweet Lips? poor thing
I’ll float around, check her house
Hank checks with her vet

vet says dog seems sad
they follow all dog walk paths
find her in the woods

“I need to escape”
Pooffin soothes Sweet Lips distress
Hank cuddles the bitch

calmer now, dog whines
“who can live with name Sweet Lips?”
Pooffin understands

We’ll tell them you’re gone
live with Hank and my aura
and choose a new name

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