Stressful times call for a healthy dose of laughter

The fearless leader of ACW, Nathalie Thill, has offered to lay down her dignity to give you all a chance for some needed comic relief–mostly at her expense. Spontaneous Stories with Nathalie is a live virtual event on Wednesday, April 15th, 7:00-7:30pm available for viewing by everyone who needs a good laugh.

How does it work? You comment with a prompt and Nathalie will tell a short, unrehearsed, true story based on that prompt in real-time. You can send a theme (most embarrassing moment, parenting fails), or just one word (glass, tree). Just comment with a prompt during the event. Seriously, she can do this. She has that many stories. Telling 30-second to 3-minute stories is exactly how she used to entertain her crew back when she was an archaeologist, where there was no entertainment but her tales.

This live event is a good old fashioned telethon and you can give to ACW over the phone by calling in and chatting with Baylee. There will be rotary phones, there will be cowbells, there will safe distancing, there will be Nathalie telling stories, and it will all be for you.

  • Wednesday, April 15th 7:00-7:30pm
  • Join in the fun by visiting the ACW Facebook page or No requirement to log-in or create an account
  • Call 518-354-1261 to give during the telethon

“If I can make you laugh and take away some of your stress, it will take away some of my stress too. This is will be insane, but also a lot of fun. Come at me with those prompts!” Nathalie Thill, Executive Director, The Show

“I’m really hoping someone will suggest “cat” as a story prompt *hint hint*. You will not regret it! Can’t wait to hear your beautiful voices over the phone during the telethon.” – Baylee Annis, Assistant to the Director, The Human on the Other End of the Line

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