Writing feels like it might be among the most essential – and democratic – of the arts

October 23, 2020

“It was our great pleasure to offer some support ACW. We have been spending our federal stimulus cash on artists. We know how tight things have been for the arts, and for artists; and we were moved to see how generously ACW spreads its resources to writers (of all levels of practice and experience) within the region. Writing feels like it might be among the most essential – and democratic – of the arts, and it is wonderful that you are offering all these benefits to the North Country.

We were surprised and delighted particularly by the Raining Poetry Project, and by the richness of activity in an area which had felt rather lacking during our years in those parts. We immediately felt drawn to offer some modest support. We will keep our eyes on your website, and pass the word to other friends of the northern mountains and waters, and those who live among them.”

– Chuck & Nancy Hotchkiss

Laughing Together Live

When the world was confined to their homes, ACW launch two evenings full of spontaneous stories designed specifically for the ACW Family to come together (from a far) and laugh together as ACW Executive Director Nathalie Thill spun true tales on the fly.

ACW for me is a close-knit community in a far-flung place

April 9, 2020

ACW for me is a close-knit community in a far-flung place. In 2003 I took my first workshop with Bibi Wein. We are still in close contact to this day. A grant or donation waived the $75 fee at that time. My husband and I were building our house and money was tight. The workshop seemed like a luxury, now I see ACW as a necessity.

I’ve learned from so many excellent writers AND teachers (it’s not a given that a person can be both) like Bibi and Betsy Folwell and Natalia Rachel Singer. They’ve helped me along in my career with critique, advice, blurbs for books, throwing writing gigs my way and above all offering encouragement. I could also go on about the advice and help I’ve received from members like Brian Mann and Gary VanRiper and others. Thank you for reaching out and for the wonderful work you’ve done in the past and for managing ACW through these tough times.”

– Renate Wildermuth

Let’s look forward to the future together

Help ACW continue to support you through the coming months. The future might feel overwhelming, but ACW is committed to infusing joy into your life with upcoming programming! With your continued support, ACW can offer new online classes every month, story nights, discussion series, writing workshops for teens, and more for all ages.

Make this summer amazing for the ACW family. Be a part of ACW. Give now.

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