Six-inches, flat as a pancake,
Wonder Woman’s superhuman musculature
A gift from Greek deities
Stands tall on the windowsill by
My kitchen sink.

The strength of Superman combined
With femininity, beauty, and innocence
Princess of Themyscira
Known undercover crime-fighter
Diana Prince.

American icon birthed of
Clay October twenty-first 1941.
To heal society’s ills
World War II fighter to run out
Nazi evil.

Woman doctor and scientist
Society’s fashion plate with Golden eagle
Emblem on Red bodice with blue
Star-spangled culottes, white belt, and
Go-go boots.

Born of polygraph Q&As
Blood pressure, pulse, and respiration proved that
Women are non deceptive.
Not liars liars pants on fire.
Wonder Women.

No damsel in distress yet fierce,
nurtured by M. Sanger’s “Woman and the New Race”
pioneer of birth control
To lead Justice Society
of America.

Appropriated by Warhol,
Lichtenstein, Ramos, comic book mIsogyny
Commonplace in industry 
Secretary with Dr. Fate,
Hawkman and Flash.

JSA’s Atom, Hour-Man, Green
Lantern, Sandman, Spectre, fight Axis forces and
Colorful supervillains
Like Ares, Cheetah, Doctor Poison
(Killer chemist.)

Circe, Doctor Psycho, Giganta,
Veronica Cale, and First Born, nearly naked
totem with immense knowledge,
embodiment of centuries
of precision.

Exceptional perceptiveness for crime-fighting.
No fists, nor firepower, wields
Lasso of Truth, ensnared
speak absolute.

Razor-edged Tiara boomer
Ang to decapitate male creator for his
“Aphrodite law” that Checks
Demigod powers, and psychic

Fantasy to chain together
Her “Bracelets of Submission.” She rescues herself
from bondage. Purple Ray heals.
Continuity reboot to
mythical roots.

Blessed by deities in her crib,
Fantasy of Silver Age Comic Book writer.
Athena-wise, Hermes-swift
Aphrodite beauty rival

Diana Prince, crime fighter, joins
Department of Metahuman Affairs, a spy
with mystic powers revamped
Crisis on Infinite Earth ends,
Runs Mod boutique.

I Ching, martial arts mentor, she
Earns WW logo designed by graphic master
Milton Glaser. Merch sales slide
Marry off lovesick dreamer to
Major Trevor.

What? The pilot lost in vast sea
Around Paradise Island and returned to a
Man’s world by Wonder Woman.
Bring on red cape, armor, sword, shield.
Lynda Carter.

“Trope of princess in jeopardy?“
Steinem cried. Then came Wertham’s Seduction of the
Innocent which claimed lesbo
counterpart to Batman’s homo.
Oh! ”Great Hera!”

Reality restored, relaunch
New York orphan versus death goddess trio in
Lands of myth. Astral project.
Speak intergalactic languages,
even Caveman.

Turns brain energy to muscle
power, immune to electric shocks after her
spirit stripped from her atoms 
by Dr. Psycho’s Electro

“Merciful Minerva!” trials.
Inducted into Star Sapphires Immortal race
Of warrior women who
Never back down from lethal force,
The imposters.

Violet power ring of love
allows costume alterations at will. Mental
and physical strengths equal
to Men’s, makes first Ms. Magazine
cover story.

WW receives messages from
needy, like in Upton Sinclair’s Mental Radio,
telepathy, clairvoyance.
Drinks Fountain of Eternal Youth,
Lasso lost power.

“Suffering Sappho!’ Strength and self
Reliance, sisterhood and mutual support;
Peacefulness and esteem for
human life; male aggression so

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