The sun poked its head into my early morning universe of sleep. Its slow rising painted the sky with reds, pinks and yellows. A color filled way to start the day.

A calm wind moved across Blue Hill Bay and up Squid Cove. My kayak called my name from the shore below the deck, “Come paddle and enjoy the rising tide!” Slipping my body into the kayak, I pushed from the shore. Peace and beauty surround me as I paddle across the bay. Suddenly the sound of heavy breathing approaches from behind. “What is it?” I ask myself. A school of porpoises rise up on both sides of my kayak wanting to keep me company. Circling in front of me, they begin to fish for mackerel. I stop paddling and watch. Porpoises are synchronized swimmers with a rhythm of grace and beauty. Then, off they go their tummies filled.

Soon I am joined by a seal. He is curious about the newcomer to his bay home. Close enough to see his whiskers, yet far enough away to stay safe. Paddling on, another treat is in store as a family of loons swims by sharing their loon calls with me.

The calm wind picks up as the tide changes bringing the usual wind and tide adjustment. Paddling home is far more difficult. My kayak cuts through the ever-increasing waves which challenge my upper body strength. Pulling ashore I am once more rewarded with two eagles soaring above. The grace of their flight in the air reminds me of the porpoises’ water grace.

The end of a perfect Maine day, I look across Blue Hill Bay and enjoy a glass of wine on the deck.

The sun is sinking behind Blue Hill in the western sky, the horizon gold, orange, red and yellow. A hummingbird flies by investigating our wine party. The hummingbird is here and gone in a flash.

A full moon rises in the darkened sky. Looking up, I end the day with an eye and soul feast of a star filled sky. The last reward, high above, a shooting star streaks by.

Our earth is to be reverenced. Thank you, Mother Earth, for your gifts of creation!

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