Checked sheets hold the warmth
Cradling hungry smiles.
Moosehead bottle embraces a rose
Stares as we share words and rhymes.
Warm vanilla fills the room
Flickering akin to beating hearts.
Gray light reveals the trees
Leaves wave in harmony.
Red tail lights fade in the distance
Through a mix of rain and snow.
Leather bag sends a message
Not forever, you are home.

Notes from an aspiring poet:
I’m currently in the middle of ushering fall in to my bedroom decor. Not quite spring cleaning, more like fall nesting. Which means my images are a pile of stuff to reuse, my view of the Catoctin Mountains and obviously a glimpse of me postponing decorating because writing is, well, far more important! My ten items? Gray skies, pictures of snow, new buffalo check bedding, an old Moosehead beer advertising mirror, vanilla scented candlelight, Mary Oliver’s Winter Hours, a car passing by the window, tree bark, a backpack and a rainy day.

4 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Think of You by Joni Youse

  1. Joni, I really enjoyed this. Particularly warm vanilla and red tail lights and checked sheets. I knew it was autumn here. Lovely. Felt like a warm cave to me – someplace to snuggle.

  2. Joni, I have a lump in my throat! I really felt this, I can smell the vanilla and feel the loudness of the checked sheets. I’m proud of you! 💜

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