The weather reports
Lots of snow on the way
I love the forecast
Skis out of the basement
Awaiting the arrival of snow
Here it comes and lots of it
Cross country skiers down
The middle of our street
Celebrate a day of fun
A car skids around the
Corner. Watch out for the
Skier ahead.
Get control. He looks panicked.
Here comes the plow
Slowing down, he yells
out the window, “Sorry to plow your
cross country course. But plow I must!”
Rewarding this Christmas Season
The bright red cardinal flying above
Finding shelter in the great white pine
The smell of winter
The sound of laughter, plows
And snowblowers too
The winter wonderland
White, green and brilliant red
Invite me to say,
“Merry Christmas to each and every one”

2 thoughts on “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. Mary, I so enjoy reading every word of your pieces. THANK YOU for sharing them and know they are a welcome “mini vacation” when I need a break. Today, a virtual XCountry ski through the neighborhood. What fun. Happy Holidays to you and Keith, Joyce

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