The crash took everyone by surprise. Dozens of holiday shoppers thronged along a city sidewalk, but they halted immediately when the noise exploded from the street. A large black car had stopped quickly and a Honda SUV rear-ended it.

An older woman, arms loaded with packages, watched in horror as the cars collided. “Oh no! Did you see that?” she turned to talk to the woman behind her. “Whoever’s in the black car is getting out. No one seems hurt, thank goodness.” Anxious to continue her shopping, she scurried down the street.

Two businessmen stopped to watch the excitement. “Did you hear that? That Honda just rammed into that black car. Must have been a woman driver,” he laughed. “How could she not have seen where she was going?”

“Maybe she had a bit too much to drink during lunch,” the other man sniped. “I don’t think anyone’s hurt. I mean, it’s an SUV and the other guy’s getting out of his car.“

“What kind of car is that black one?” the first man asked.

“I’ll be dammed if I know. Some import, I think.” With more important things on their mind, they were on their way to a business lunch and hurried along.

The woman inside the Honda screamed, “Someone help me, please.” Panicked and in pain, she tried to get to young son, strapped into a car seat in the back. He was crying but he didn’t appear to be injured. She grabbed her jacket on the front seat to try to stop the bleeding from the cuts on her face. Shards of glass covered her lap.

The man inside the black car was stunned, but not injured. His Bentley was built like a tank. He slowly climbed out of his car. Jesus, he thought, I’ve just had the car less than a month and now look at it. Couldn’t the driver see I stopped quickly to avoid that crazy kid on his bike. Oblivious to the Honda, he looked up the street, but the kid had disappeared. Damn. Now he’ll have to call for an Uber.

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