Fall back into time,
Only an hour but it was mine.
The darkness was the first song,
Of the tardiness of the new dawn. 
I look out into the still night sky,
Refusing to rise I close my eyes.

Before, I would be up and about,
But now under my quilt I still  hide out.
Then finally the lights turn on,
Through my window creeps the dawn.

Three big Holidays in the greatest season
The best time and for many reasons.
The leaves they fall, the trees go bare,
I take the time to sit and stare.

The gleaming grass after morning dew,
The silent earth seems to slow down too.
The first snow covers the land,
Untouched yet by human hands.

I stretch and then I hop upright,
Renewed by the greeting daylight.
A peek outside… weather report,
It all dictates my list long or short.

By my window I sit, coffee in hand,
A mental list of what I will plan.
I think about the days, the weeks, the months ahead
And create events for this, that, and instead.

It’s warm and cozy inside my house,
The stillness engulfs me. I look about.
The computer is my morning friend,
We talk, we share, we seek new trends.

Perusing pinterest for what can inspire
Try this, try that, no skills required. 
I spy my journals, on the shelf,
Maybe I’ll do that, I say to myself.

But first I’ll sit here for awhile,
Deep in my thoughts I smile.
So many things to do from a list,
The calmness of the day, morning bliss.

I’m not in a hurry to get things done,
First a Christmas movie holiday fun.
Each new day calm and still,
Revives the spirit strengthens the will.

I fell back in time,
Only an hour but it was mine,
To whittle away the days,
With hope and joy I graze.

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