Extended darkness no more Idle hands.
So many things to do to prepare for the holiday’s grande.
Making decorations for Thanksgiving day feast. 
Planning family adventures, and a holiday retreat.
Some say, it’s the time to slow down, to me it’s a different kind of speed
The nights are quiet and we hunker down.
The darkness gives a special peace, a silent sound.
Thoughts, ideas creep into my very soul,
When I sit still and let them grow.
Christmas is next with seasons cheers,
Making memories for those we hold dear. 
A carousel of old traditions mixed in with the new.
‘‘Twas the night before Christmas” and a silent night too.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a blanket of snow. 
A child in a manger born long, long ago,
A star and a story of love and of hope. 
Some fear the early dusk feeling cheated of light.
But the solitude it brings gives us time for spiritual insight.
I cuddle with a book or fill in journal pages,
A junk journal, writing prompts, or words of wisdom for the ages.
It’s the dawning of a new light illuminating me,
Giving me the gift of time just so I can be. 

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