Reaching for a bag of Lay’s potato chips, I see another hand reaching for the same bag. I look at the person attached to the hand.
“Oh, my God! June, is that you? I thought you died in a car crash.” I almost wet my pants.
“May, I am here and I am alive.”
“But I went to your funeral. I cried for days! I felt empty, like I had died. You know how we always knew what the other was thinking or how the other one felt.”
“Yes, because we are identical twins born forty-five minutes apart on two separate days. You were born first at 11:30 PM on May 31st and I was born on June 1st at 12:15 AM. That is how we got our names.”
“Mom thought it was clever of her to name us May and June. She also thought it was appropriate that we were Geminis since we were twins.”
“Well, I didn’t like it that she said we had two distinct personalities. One bad and one good like Geminis.”
“I was the bad one, June.”
“You weren’t bad, May, just mischievous.”
“And you were the shy one, June, and did not go along with my pranks. So, you were considered the good one.”
“Do you remember the evening you told Mom that the tub was leaking when you were playing row boat while taking a bath and splashed water all over the floor. Or the time you didn’t want to go to school, so you put the thermometer under hot water and it burst.”
“Good times, June. It’s so good to see you! And I see you still like potato chips.”
“Have you ever had chocolate covered potato chips? We both liked chocolate.”
“No, June, I….”
Ring, ring, ring.
“Sorry June, that’s my phone. Oh, it is the alarm for 6:00!”
Oh, no! It was just a dream. June really is dead. Sigh.

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