I was in the store getting a few things. I reached up to grab a bag of chips and, out of the corner of my eye, saw another hand reaching for the same bag. Just as I was about to touch the bag, that hand reached and stopt mine. Startled, I looked up then, and saw my face looking at me. That face was in the mirror at the end of the aisle, a mirror put there to make the aisle look longer. That always disorients me. I stood still, trying to sort out what was real.

The hand on my hand was real. I could feel the pressure of it. Then the face in the mirror smiled at me!

“I knew you would come,” that other me said. “I was able to time when you would arrive. Don’t be frightened, I am you, but from time ahead of you. I can’t go into details, most of them I don’t know or understand, but I was able to come back to let you know not to become discouraged. Some rough times lie ahead. I can’t say what, but you’ll get through them and, on the other side, you will be glad for them. When you emerge, and you will, you will be far more content with yourself and your life than you have ever imagined. I know. I am you. I’ve been there. I know.”

With that, he withdrew his hand, gave me a friendly smile of encourgement and slight nod that I know so well, then disappeared in the mist that covered the mirror.

I stood there, frozen.

Was this real? I had seen my face in a mirror talk to me! I had felt his hand on mine. I had heard his voice. It was my voice! He even gave the same slight nod that I give, automatically. I didn’t even know I did that until a friend recently remarked on it. She said she can always count on it after I’ve said something significant.

This had to be true. It was me!!

But…, how???

And…. what was going to happen?

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