woodlands waking up
spring appears with bits of green
tree buds in first blush

Full Worm Moon in March
robins and crows dig for treats
divots show success

trail mud sucks boots in
little white dog in knee-deep
mud season just sucks

doves share a taught wire
waiting to make ground landing
beneath bird feeders

midnight dog walk dank
rain-fog-clouds obscure viewing
April’s Full Pink Moon

snow later tonight
natures free fertilizer
husband always says

writing easier
on a cold and rainy day
who am I kidding

indoor chores today
review list for easiest
take a nap instead

solitary not
the same as feeling lonely
I am good alone

daily rituals
dog and I walk-write-chores-cook
nothing much has changed

deluge floods gutters
water flows down outside glass
nephew can fix this

it’s raining like hail
wild wind wails shards into us
today’s dog walk hurts

rabbits browse fresh buds
some muscari strain to bloom
rabbits never care

front yard rabbits tests
speeding semi on the road
I lose sight of her

as truck roars on past
she bounds over neighbors yard
it’s a miracle

scrub brush-spray soap-hose
six pink plastic flamingos
need seasonal bath

it’s been thirty days
tick not engorged but in deep
now constant headaches

protocols observed
do not want to be in here
blood test at doctors

Lyme test negative
why don’t I feel more relieved?
headaches must be stress

daffodils alone
unaware they are orphans
hugging for beauty

yellow gold splendor
feathery forsythias
welcome joyous spring

frog cacophony
hordes peep from shore and water
musical madness

forest silence hears
blowing leaves sounding like rain
leaves, rain, matters not

rain becomes snow then
hail blown sideways by cold wind
surprise! it’s April

washed windows wasted
should have waited for pollen
to drift, stick, pass on

well below freezing
perennials in peril
can’t cover them all

winter-cold last night
dog’s outdoor water bowl firm
she’ll have to lick it

garden supplies fill car trunk
time to get busy

still too cold to start
why rush this annual treat
wait another week

ten Rose of Sharon
planting in warm sunshine means
enjoying this day

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