Eleven Haiku by Ruth Ann Dandrea

4/9 a rising sun paintsgold spaces between tree limbsnature’s own stained glass 4/11—Holy Saturday A left-over moonin a bright morning sky winksinto my seeking eye. 4/15 A pirouetting squirrelhands clasped in prayerdances just for me. 4/16 Snow weights daffodilbrows making everythingwait, whitely, for spring. 4/19 weeping cherry budspetals push snow into sunpopcorn opening 4/21 A … Continue reading Eleven Haiku by Ruth Ann Dandrea

Daily Haiku by Leslie Sittner

woodlands waking upspring appears with bits of greentree buds in first blush Full Worm Moon in Marchrobins and crows dig for treatsdivots show success trail mud sucks boots inlittle white dog in knee-deepmud season just sucks doves share a taught wirewaiting to make ground landingbeneath bird feeders midnight dog walk dankrain-fog-clouds obscure viewingApril’s Full Pink … Continue reading Daily Haiku by Leslie Sittner

April Haiku by Susan Jefts

One moment, earthshinepure white rain from soundless skysparrow eyes shining North facing windowwe open and then leave openrain dripping off eaves Porch screen undulateslike shadows of heron wingsseeking their shelter Cool wind off the lakespring slips in through blue shadowsred buds sing to joy This morning, no newsonly wind chimes, eggs sizzlingred pepper and thyme … Continue reading April Haiku by Susan Jefts