You’ll feel the same pride and enthusiasm we do when you see the full spread of this year’s accomplishments. You made 2019 an unforgettable year.

What you’ll find inside the impact report:

  • The journey of a teacher and his students by Zachary Arthur
  • A look at PoemVillage through Maria DeAngelo’s eyes
  • Two students at Ray Brook Federal Correctional Facility on the importance of writing creatively through trauma

This year, ACW touched the lives of 3,500 people in our community, from grade school children to senior citizens. Our programs offer a lifeline to identity, discovery, and creativity.

Q: How can you keep art, joy, discovery, and understanding alive in the Adirondacks?

A: Give now
You are the most important part of ACW, and your support is more important now than ever before. Your generous gift of $40 or more is a critical investment in the health of our community.

Who’s in the picture at the top of the page? The incredibly talented and kind Roya Marsh, featured poet and workshop leader at several ACW events, photographed by LaQuann Dawson

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