This is the second chapter of a 9-chapter novella by teenager Arden Calhoun. We’ll publish more installments of this story in weeks to come.
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The door opened, and Mr. Ron strolled in, whistling a tune. Just in time, Lauren and Lizzie stood next to each other in the corner, pushing Johanna behind the cabinet where she wasn’t in a clear sight line to the teacher. 

“Well, hello, girls,” said Mr. Ron, “Have you seen Johanna?” 

“No,” both friends answered in sync.

“Actually, I think we can trust him. We need someone else to help. Having a teacher in the know will be helpful,” Johanna hissed in her friends’ ears.

“Okay, if you really think so,” Lizzie whispered back, and she and Lauren stepped apart. 

“Actually, I’m right here,” said Johanna, stepping out.

“Oh, there you are. I was wondering wh—” Mr. Ron stopped mid-sentence when he turned around and saw Johanna’s newest development, “What in the world happened?” he said, regaining speech, but still looking utterly bewildered. He couldn’t take his eyes away from the new wings on his student’s back.

“Long story. Well, actually, not that long. Basically, I turned into a dragon. I was able to change back, but the wings stuck. Do you have any idea how we can get out of here without everyone seeing me? Or at least not seeing the wings?” Johanna asked.

“Oh! I think there’s a cloak down in the costume bolt that would cover your wings completely! I’ll go get it!” Lizzie said, slipping out the door, being careful not to open it too wide. She loved designing costumes for every show that took place here at school, and she seemed to know of everything in that room.

As she left, Mr. Ron finally pulled his eyes away from Johanna’s wings and brought them to her face. With genuine concern, he asked her, “Are you okay? Do the wings make you sore in any way?”

“I feel fine, and the wings don’t really hurt. They’re a little tingly right now, but I can already feel that fading,” Johanna answered.

“Oh, good,” responded Mr. Ron, his eyes drifting back to the wings. 

“Hey guys, I hate to interrupt, but it’s going to be hard hiding those wings, so we should probably make a plan as to how we are going to make this work,” said Lauren, the voice of reason in the trio, and she, Johanna, and Ron put their heads together to try to come up with a solution.

“Well, I think it’ll actually be really cool, being a dragon. I mean, I can fly now! I wonder if I have any other powers. I’ll have to test that out later,” said Johanna.

“Yeah, now that the shock has worn off, that will be pretty awesome. But for now, we have to find a way to conceal your wings. From the looks of them, they’re not coming off any time soon,” replied Lauren. 

“The cloak will definitely work for now—give it a bit, and we’ll see how it works out,” confirmed Mr. Ron. As he finished, the door opened, and they all jumped, but it was only Lizzie.

“Just me!” she said, and they all breathed a sigh of relief, “Also, I found the cloak! Let’s try it out.”

Lizzie helped drape the cloak around Johanna’s shoulders, covering her wings completely. 

“Perfect!” Lauren said, “Now let’s get out of here.”

“Agreed. Let’s go,” said Mr. Ron, and they all slunk through the door.

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