The Austin Film Festival is reaching out as they begin their search for new screeners to join their team, as they are aligning their focus on paring down the exciting film submissions they are receiving this year.

They’ve reached out to the “great community of filmmakers at Adirondack Center for Writing who live and breathe stories” to call for new film screeners! In order to qualify; members are required to be at least 21 years of age, and will need to undergo a screener test. At AFF, storytelling is our focus; it’s the engine that has driven us towards this year’s 25th annual film festival.  So we require the screener test to determine the strength of a potential screener’s eye for quality and strong storytelling.

If there’s any chance that anyone may be interested in this; they are invited to explore some really bold horizons!

Quick pointers for potential screeners:

  • We aim to create a space where screeners can foster a more critical eye for what works, and conversely does not, in filmmaking.  What better way to learn about the craft itself, and the ins and outs of its fundamentals, than through the act of watching a breadth of films?
  • Every individual accumulates hours throughout the screening process that will go towards a gifted badge to our 25th annual festival this fall.
  • View films within our Academy Award Qualifying competition categories including: Animated Short, Documentary Shorts (which gave way to 2018 Academy Award winner; Heaven is a traffic jam on the 405).

For more info or inquiries, contact:

Casey Baron,
Shorts Programmer | Austin Film Festival

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