Saranac Lake, NY 3/21/2018 — The Adirondack Center for Writing is pleased to announce that it has received $3,000 from the International Paper Foundation Grant. This grant has been given to help ACW purchase journals for every student at upcoming programs including the Listen Festival in April, Pop Up Poet performance and writing workshops throughout the year, and High School Writing Retreat in October, among others presented by the Adirondack Center for Writing.

All of these programs were created specifically with and for young writers, storytellers, and listeners. New and young voices are so important for the larger community, and yet, they often feel overlooked or displaced. Hosting these events was the first step towards welcoming all voices to participate, but ACW wanted to take the next step to investing in what our community thinks and writes. The outcome is the “your words are worth it” project, which literally puts a notebook in the hands of these students with the help of the International Paper Foundation Grant.

The hope is that giving them a place to prepare thoughts, to edit work, and to explore their opinions and beliefs will act as a confidence booster. If no one else has invested in their words, ACW is excited to be the first.

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