Dear Xrjot,

Earth is having a bit of a time now. The climate is going out of balance, but the people and corporations with money refuse to let go of any so that measures can be taken to correct it. Sea levels have risen ten feet and there are predictions of ten more to come. Much of the ice on a northern island, curiously called Greenland centuries ago to attract settlers, is now becoming more and more green. That was prophacied a couple centuries ago, but no one realized it at the time. Back then there was no concept of climate change or global warming. The major concern of nations then, was in showing off. Each nation would make a new toy of war and go to battle to see how many of the other side they could kill. It was pretty stupid all around.

Now we need to move the rain, but there is no will to attempt it, so deserts are spreading. In between the expanding deserts and the loss of land to the oceans, there is less and less space to grow food. And, what can be grown, can’t be harvested by the machines we have, so the harvesting is done by hand, just like centuries and centuries ago. All of society shuts down for as long as it takes to get the harvest in. We all know, that if he harvest is not brought in, millions more will. Working the harvest makes us all glad when it’s finished and we can go back to our regular jobs.

The moon’s orbit is no longer regular. I forgot the details, but there was some kind of explosion in space near the moon. At the time, no one considered it powerful enough to do something like alter the moon’s orbit. Now it swings away from Earth, then back. When it’s close the tides are monstrous. When it’s far away, there’s no tide at all. This would have destroyed all coastal areas, but the rise in sea levels already did that. Land lost to the high tides also complicates our ability to grow food though there is some experimental efforts to see if anything can be grown in the daily tide pools.

I hope your people are smarter than we’ve been. If we could transport to Artemin Prime, I’m sure we would! We’d figure out some way to breathe your air, it’s only a little more poisonous to us than ours has become.

Signing off,
Jamal Torez

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