July 23-August 27

Led by Ashley Patrick and Alane Mason, editors at W. W. Norton & Company

About the workshop. Submitting your manuscript to a publisher is an art that few know how to do well. This workshop is here to help! Our two editors (bios here) will get your query letter and first pages in tip-top shape and ready to submit.

All students will have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with editors, and submit two rounds of query letters and first five pages of material for valuable feedback provided by two well respected editors from W. W. Norton & Company.

The editors will spend five weeks reviewing all assigned pages, provide relevant feedback and offer suggestions to help attendees improve upon them. The editors reserve the right to request more materials if they feel a strong connection to the work and want to read more.

Our editors are able to provide critique in fiction and nonfiction. Sorry, no genre fiction (mysteries, romance, thrillers), picture books, middle grade, or poetry writing during this workshop.

Cost & Registration. Your student account, invitation to the classroom, and one-on-one rounds of editing are included in cost. Deadline to register: July 16.

  • Member rate: $180
  • Non-member rate: $230

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How it works. Students and editors will use Google Classroom for all communications, and feedback. You will be invited to join the online workshop space on July 23. All student materials and editor feedback will be created and shared using Google Docs.

During weeks one and two of this workshop there will be an initial lecture posted that includes tips for a good query and focus points for choosing and editing first pages. After reviewing the lecture, you will create and submit your first draft of a query letter and first five pages.

During week three, editor Ashley Patrick will read and provide feedback for your first draft of query letter and first pages.

During week four, you will be given an opportunity to revise a second draft of your query letter and first five pages.

During week five, you will submit your second draft of a query letter and first five pages for feedback with editor Alane Mason.

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