The car drove down the road.

Another heavy thing rolled across my surface, though not as heavy as some of the others.

And that, my child, was the killing place of millions. Before that flat, hardness was there, we had villages and colonies all over in this place. Then monstrous things came and killed and killed and killed. Some few of us escaped and slowly our population is returned. Thank goodness it was hundreds of generations ago, but we can hold the memory of what once was.

A monstrous, smelly, human thing almost killed me as I was trying to cross that flat dangerous place where Granma died last year.

I was flying, minding my own business, when this hideous smell assualted me above that odd, long, hard part of the ground when a thing passed below me on it. Those things should be regulated!

I had just poked my nose out of the ground for a look-see, when this monstrous and foul smelling thing passed directly in front of my home on that long hard stretch.

“When will be get there, Daddy? When, when, when!?”

“KIDS! If I hear another word out of you, there’ll be no stop at the Candy Palace! Is that CLEAR?”

“Dear,” she said softly. “They won’t be able to answer you now, and I have to pee, so we’re going to need to stop – and soon.”

Doesn’t any one think about me? I’m about to die of this old, dirty oil in me! Can’t they spare a few bucks for some new oil? And, a new filter too, by the way. If they don’t, I’m not long for the junk heap.

(And, some times worlds collide.)

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