Normally I do not think of things to destroy, however as I contemplated this prompt, I see some disturbing things circling around that should be obliterated.
1. The virus that our president is saying is nothing more than the flu, has taken 211,000 and more, lives. Families and friends have been separated from one -another because of this deadly virus. I would throw the virus into the fire.
2. Racism is on the rise led by our President’s rallying cry against people of color. Racism should be thrown into the fire.
3. Greed is a big problem in America today. Most obviously exhibited by our President’s tax laws for the very rich and his secrets in his own tax evasions. Greed needs to burn.
4. Voter suppression should burn. Every American should be able to safely vote by mail or in person.
5. Separation of families at the border is worthy of the firepit. Children should never be separated from family let alone be put in cages. This policy should burn.
6. Elimination of The Affordable Care Act should not happen. The rich do not need this very important health care but millions of Americans do. The case before the Supreme Court should burn.
7. Betsy DeVos’s program with intent to eliminate funding for Public Education should burn. Every child in America should be educated. We are not a third world nation yet.
8. Taliban Bounty on our service men and women is being paid for by Russia. Our President has never refuted this nor has he stood up for our service members. This policy should hit the fire pit.
President Trump and his administration have put forth policy upon policy filled with greed and grasp for power. Most of Trump’s policies need to be burned in a huge fire pit. I know that I have stated eight things to burn, however they are the tip of the ice-berg.

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