“We’re in an age of transition,” the man remarked to his companion as they passed by me. I didn’t know what transition they were talking about, but I know there is a transition currently going on, and on a global scale.

It is a transition that is inevitable, painful, slow and full of reverses. It is a transition that no one can stop, though some will try. The transition is disruptive and the backlash (which is powerful and prolonged) is destructive. We all see evidence in the news every day.

The transition is from a society controlled by males with those with the least melanin at the top. Those with more and melanin are further down the pile, progressively. Under men are the other half of the population, in the same order of melanin.

Why has such an insignificant skin chemical become the reason for power, hatred and open killing?

Because those in power don’t want to share.

The world we are transitioning to is one of fairness and equal opportunity, and education. This is world wide. This is unstoppable, one could even say, Divine. The fight is fierce.

Knowing the battle that is going on makes it more understandable, not easy to endure, but more understandable.

Glimmers of the new, more equitable society is all around us, but is over shadowed by the chaos which gets attention. Any time people of various levels of melanin are together in harmony, we have an example of the new order. Any time anyone shares their wealth with someone without, is a glimmer of that new economy, where no one will be left out. Every success of a female, is evidence that they are the other, and vitally necessary, half of the human race and only when both wings can function equally will the human race be able to fly and progress. A bird with one wing can only go in circles, just like we’ve been doing for far too long. Any time a person says and acts on the message of love, proclaimed repeatedly through human history, they are practicing the religion of the future which will NOT be limited to one morning out of seven. That is part of the new order.

The change is coming and the result will be beneficial for us all. We can either be part of the change and assist the transition, or fight it and delay the benefits for us all. To pretend this has nothing to do with you, condemns you to the side that is trying to fight this transition and allies you with those who uphold the fiction of virtue due to a deficiency of melanin.

How Stupid!

We might as well have a fight between those with blue eyes and those with brown! What does color have to do with anything?

Nothing at all! And so, we are in an age of transition.

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