How important are Arts and Culture to you? Help us prioritize Arts and Culture in Saranac Lake!

The Village of Saranac Lake has engaged  AMS Planning & Research, a national arts management consulting firm, to work with a committee* of village arts, education, government, and business representatives to develop an Arts and Culture Master Plan, with funding from NY State Council on the Arts. The result of this effort will be the creation of a plan that will serve the community, as well as area visitors, through solutions designed to address the Village of Saranac Lake’s specific arts and cultural goals.

To do that we want to understand what is important, what isn’t there and is needed, and where investments should be made.

Community input is crucial to understanding priorities and support for a variety of categories of arts and cultural activities encompassing church choirs to watercolor painting to HoboFest to quilting to Story Slams to bands and orchestras, for youth through seniors.

AMS has designed a survey to receive community input. Here is the link to the survey:

Village of Saranac Lake Arts and Cultural Master Plan Community Survey

The survey should take 10 minutes to complete. The deadline is 9/25/17. If you receive the survey link from more than one party, just complete the survey once. If there are any questions or assistance is needed in completing the survey, please contact Brynn Elcock at If you have questions on the committee and process, contact Jamie Konkoski at

*Members of the committee represent ArtWorks, BluSeed, Pendragon, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Advisory Board, Adirondack Center for Writing, CSW, Village Board, and others.

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