Me thinks it’s quite a reasonable endeavor to confer and regard in high esteem the friendship my buds of taste have given me.
With multiple papillae they sort and switch where flavors go.
Sweet tongue tip:
Her Empirical Highness.
There: Creme Brûlée and Mallomars
hitch a ride.
Globs of Redi-Whip and Tasty-Freeze
are sure to please.
Yes, my budding tastes concur.
Just a few more mentioned though
out-numbered, so room for my
last three: cookies named chocolate chip, Twinkie cakes and banana splits.

To the front sides of my tongue
Kingly Salts coat popcorn’s mantle and chips of every crunch and crisp.
Global salts from different seas lend
an eclectic tang.
Let’s see- mashed potatoes laced with salted butter- Who loves thee?
So euphoric!
So is bacon, a side to anything.
Can go on…just two more please:
Guacamole and slabs of cheese.

To the Sour sides in back lies a
Princely snack:
briny dill pickles, wonderful wine
dry whites and reds, sublimely divine.
Sauerkraut and bright citrus fruits,
even Magnums of Korbel Brut.

Opposite the tip:
Yeoman of the buds scream: Bitter.
Dandelion greens in salads plucked
from lawns in summer.
Oh well, ending the evening for me:
Coffee, dried cranberries and
a cup of green tea.

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