Memory dissolves life events
or freezes them in time
or floods them with confusion
or drowns them in denial

Memory can chip away at conscience
can harden the heart
can burden the brain
can strangle the soul

Memory will retrieve
re-enact life events

Or Memory loses
ignores life events

Until #MeToo
when Memory recovers
a life event in stunning clarity

Acknowledge & accept it? Yes
Write about it & share? Yes
Forgive myself? Yes
Forgive him? Never

3 thoughts on “The Vagaries of Memory by Leslie Sittner

  1. Leslie
    Poignant and powerful.
    Word choice was perfect.It HAD to be accepted.

  2. I agree with Joyce, Leslie! Wonderful thoughts on the nature of memory and so accurate regarding how a #Me Too memory could be buried in one’s consciousness for years before one felt safe enough to let it emerge, be examened, and voiced. You rocked the topic!

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