Two white, horse-like beasts named Drew and Peg come upon a clearing in the woods. The sky overhead is filled with dark clouds similar to pieces of coal. It looks like it will rain at any minute. There are eight humans, an older couple and three younger couples herding animals through the field.
“Lions and tigers and bears in pairs. Oh, my! Look Drew.”
“Lions are our natural enemy, Peg. I don’t feel like fighting today. Let’s go back deep into the forest.”
“I want to figure out what is going on. I have never seen anything like this before. Look, there are green alligators and long neck geese, some humpty backed camels and chimpanzees. What an odd assortment. And the chimpanzees are carrying umbrellas!”
“Peg, have you noticed that boat sitting in the middle of the field in the middle of nowhere? It must be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high! And for God’s sake, this is a mountain. We are miles from the ocean. How strange!”
“That’s no boat, Drew, that’s a ship! Let’s watch and see what happens.”
“You watch and see what happens, Peg. This is spooky and I am getting out of here.”
“You are such a scaredy cat, Drew. Here comes an elephant. And look, speaking of cats, the elephant has a pair of cats and a pair of rats on her back. Now that is strange. Since when have cats and rats gotten along?”
“I think we are witnessing a historical event, Peg, possibly of biblical proportions.”
“Certainly, a strange one! Here comes what looks to be the mate of that first elephant. It must be a male. It looks like he stands 7 feet tall!”
“And weighs about 7 tons! I have never seen a creature like him before.”
“Yes, you have, Drew. Don’t you remember him? That’s Tiny, the elephant you fought with in the jungle six months ago over who was going to drink the water in the puddle and you won.”
“Hopefully, he won’t remember me.”
“Elephants never forget, Drew. They are famous for that.”
“Oh, oh, he sees us, Peg. Run! Let’s get back to the safety of the blessing.”
The elephant runs to the forest edge and attacks Peg with an umbrella thrown to him by the chimps and it hooks onto her horn. He then turns his attention to Drew. Drew spears the elephant in the eye with his horn and Tiny falls dead with a thump. Drew then helps Peg get unencumbered from the umbrella.
“Boy that is a David and Goliath story, Drew.”
“it can’t be, Peg. David and Goliath haven’t been born yet.”
All of a sudden, the older man comes close to the scene.
“I have never seen your type before, but God must have sent you. I need the two of you, to get aboard that vessel right now. There is no time to lose; the rain is coming. I will deal with your bad behavior later. Follow those other animals.”
“Not us.” says Drew.
“I will send lions to capture you. It is God’s will.”
“We are not afraid of lions. We fight with them, but they have never captured us. Only a virgin can capture us and apparently you don’t have one.”
The old man tells them that their kind “will become extinct.”
At that point, the sky opens up and it begins to rain. The man leaves and thunder can be heard in the distance.
“That thunder reminds me of cats and dogs fighting, Peg.”
“That’s great, Drew! From now on when it thunders and rains hard, I am going to say ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’.”
“Nobody will know what you are talking about, Peg. They will think you have lost your marbles.”
“I was being facetious, Drew.”
The humans hurry the animals aboard the ship. They motion to Drew and Peg to follow, but they refuse to board. The boarding plank is pulled up to shut the ship’s cargo area just before the water pours in.
“What should we do now, Drew? Should we warn the rest of our herd?”
“No, forget the blessing. If they become extinct in this area, so be it. I think we should get out of here. It looks like there will be a flood. Let’s move to Scotland where we can fight off English lions and become the symbol of Scotland.”
And so, that is how the symbol of Scotland began.

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  1. Loved the mish mosh of unicorns and alligators and Noah’s Ark…like a bed time story gone astray…wonderful and fun!

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