In couplet form

The long and narrow road leaves no room for change.
Not space or time can help to seek or rearrange.

The posts they stretch for miles upon miles on end,
Forever forward on a road that does not bend.

Some with concrete paths, others are made of dirt.
Stiff and rigid courses, no space, I can’t divert.

In this world of light and dark I must struggle,
Looking for my answers among life’s rubble.

Oh darkness that often creeps and clouds my thoughts.
And takes its toll upon my soul; I am at loss.

I am not made this way, to not be dissuaded.
To stay on course and persevere though ill fated.

The abyss ever near, with each step I take.
Will I endure? or will my fragile soul break?

You may think I can control it, never quit.
Fearlessly I journey through this life, I commit.

The light in the distance it beckons to me,
A perspective look into my future, I see.

Is it false hope? a twist to turn and travel?
I fear for my future as it now unravels.

And though you can not see inside of my soul,
Or understand how I feel, why I lose control.

I can only say my brain is wired to fend,
Travel forever on a road that does not bend.

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