I call you my affection whore
ever climbing on my lap for contact
lately, my fine-food snob waiting for
toasted croissant flakes placed on your tongue

you will do anything for either pleasure

propped in my bed, we’re having a cuddle
my arm cradles your soft white fuzzy head
tinged with apricot curls
your eyes close in sybaritic repose

you will do anything for this pleasure

tenderly I stroke your cheeks, throat
trace the caverns and coils of your ears
caress your breast and tummy trying not to tickle
your breathing slips silently into peaceful trust

I will do anything for this pleasure

now a light snore
small body soft, limp in sleep
we are devoted, habituated
to each other’s quirks, needs, desires

you are oblivious to this mutual pleasure

fearing the inevitable, I hesitate to disturb you
knowing that soon you will outgrow
these intimate bonding episodes
seeking to satisfy young curiosities

but not before you awaken with a start
at some imagined threat
leap and shriek and bark and bark
jump from the bed, race to the door

to protect us both from harm

4 thoughts on “The New Addition by Leslie Sittner

  1. Leslie, Anyone who has ever experienced the mutual pleasure of caring for a young dog or cat can relate to this beautiful love letter.

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