i heard the call of a mourning dove
as it floated on the wind.
its haunting tune so lonely
in the silence of the dawn. 

oh why do you sound so forlorn
i wondered, as i looked up at the bird,
when all around you lies beauty
and peace and tranquility? 

from the blooms of flowers
to the glitter of the lakes
and the heavenly blue of the sky,
all there for you to behold
on this gloriously beautiful day. 

once again, she sounded her call
an answer to my query.
it echoed softly in my heart
and all was revealed in truth. 

“i sound as i do,
it’s as it should be,
for this is the song
which God gave me. 

it makes you stop
to listen
and reminds you,
you’re not alone.” 

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