Oh the summer days
Where both the views and temperatures take your breathing away
Where friends and family come to the beach and lay
Something has arrived, and it’s here to stay

The humidity in the air
The forest chants with all it’s trees
It sheds a tear; fallen leaves
With you, on the porch, in your chair

The bells and chimes of the town
Whistle down to the valley
And up to the city’s alleys
So glorious as of a crown

The glorious waters, oh so shiny
Thousands of fishes, feeding
All animals, gathering and seeing
Until a cold blast, now all frozen and icy.

Everyone went inside
Terrified of the Winter
Contemplating how to overcome all of it’s hinders
All but you, wanted to stay for the ride

You sway back and forth
A darkness that covers the sky
With a glisten that catches your eye
It is the star of the North

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